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Do's & Dont's
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What Should I Bring?

At Camp Omagh, Good Traditions Matter,
and Christian Values are Lived Out


At Camp Omagh, we aspire to create not only a place to get away, but also a formative experience that empowers campers to become their best selves, to help them navigate their complex world, and to discover God’s love in a personal way.

Camp Omagh Dos & Don'ts

What should I bring to Camp?

  • Bible, Notebook, Writing Utensils

  • Flashlight 

  • Reusable water bottle

  • Insect repellent

  • Bedding

    • Sleeping bag or twin sheets with warm blanket

    • Pillow ​​

  • Bathroom

    • Towel

    • Toiletry items: soap, shampoo, toothbrush, etc. in unbreakable containers

  • Footwear

    • close toe shoes for activities​

    • flip flops for back and forth to swim house

    • extra socks

  • Clothes

    • Dress for the weather - Rain or Shine/Hot or Cold

    • heavy sweater or jacket
    • extra socks
    • 8 pair underwear
    • laundry bag
    • There is a Camp Dress Code
      • ​Swim suit
        • ​no bikinis or speedo briefs​​
      • ​Shorts
        • must reach mid-thigh​
      • Shirts​
        • must have have sleeves, or straps with a minimum of 5cm width
        • must cover the midriff
        • No skin-tight or torn clothing. Please no logos or messages on clothing that promote alcohol or drugs, are offensive, crude, or demeaning. Dress code is MODEST. The Program Manager will exercise their discretion in determining the acceptability of all apparel

  • All items should be labeled with camper's name

Frequently Asked Questions

As parents ourselves, we know that camp is a significant investment for every family. That’s why we’re always here to discuss your child and answer any questions you might have about the Camp Omagh experience, from our tasty meal plans to our trained summer staff to questions about our Christian foundation.

Where is camp located?
The camp is located in Milton, Ontario on Lower Base Line West between Fourth and Fifth Line. For a detailed map click here.

Where can I find information for each of the camp programs?
Information on all of our programs can be found on the Programs page of this website.


When should we arrive at camp for registration?
Registration begins at 3pm on the Sunday of your week. No early arrivals, please. Prime Timers is the exception as they begin on Tuesday.


When should I arrange to pick up my child at the end of the week?
ampers should be picked up on Saturday between 9 and 10 a.m.

If your camper is attending back-to-back weeks, please note that our program structure does not accommodate campers staying at the camp for the weekend between sessions. Please make alternate arrangements as required.

Is there an extra cost for Tuck?
There is no need to leave extra money with your child because Tuck is included in the camper fee.


Are visitors allowed at camp?
Of course. However, you must check in at our Welcome Centre arrival with the program director/office assistant to get your visitor badge so that we know you are on campus and to arrange for payment and to pick up your meal tickets if you are staying for a meal. 


Does Camp Omagh have a sponsorship program for campers?
Camp Omagh has a camper sponsorship program that is funded by the generous support of Corporation Members and other supporters. If you would like to request financial support, please send an email to


Is the pool area supervised?
Yes, the pool is supervised by qualified lifeguards during all swim periods.


What is your cancellation policy?
Camp Omagh can cancel a program for any reason. Any monies paid by a registrant will be refunded in full if this happens. If a registrant cancels their reservation, there are no refunds.


Can my child request to be in a cabin with a friend?
Yes, many campers come to Camp Omagh with a special friend. We will do our best to honor one cabinmate request per camper Cabinmate requests must be mutual and are not guaranteed. Because new friendships are a significant part of the summer camp experience, we seek to assemble cabin groups that will allow new friendships to develop. Please submit your request when you register.


How are cabin groups arranged?
Campers are arranged in cabin groups by gender, age, grade and in some cases, consideration of cabinmate requests. There may be a one- or two-year age spread within a cabin. Counselors guide campers for the entire session. Some campers come to Camp Omagh with a friend, although many come to camp alone. We will arrange cabins in such a way as to encourage new friendships in cabin groups.


What happens when a camp session fills?
We begin a wait list. To assure a balanced program each session, there are a limited number of spaces for both boys and girls, and for each age group. For the most updated availability information, please email


What information will we receive after we register?
Once your camper is enrolled in session, you will receive a confirmation email from our Registrar. Reminder emails will be sent closer to your session regarding what to bring, payments, missing forms and how to better prepare your child for camp.

Is technology permitted at Camp Omagh?
Like many traditional summer camps, Camp Omagh asks campers to “unplug” from technology so they can more easily “plug in” to their new camp community. By leaving technology at home, campers engage more quickly and are more poised to take advantage of the fun, friends and adventure offered by Camp Omagh. Campers develop friendships that are not dependent on social media and gaming. They grow to better understand the expressions and feelings of others. Campers remark that they notice more about their surroundings, are more creative and feel relieved of the constant pressure/stress they feel from Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter. Gadgets to be left at home include anything that requires charging or plugging in like cell phones, tablets, laptops, mp3 players, electronic games, etc.

Please note that cell phones may not be used as cameras by campers. Digital cameras are encouraged. E-readers without internet connectivity are permitted.


Can I call my child while he/she is at camp?
We ask that parents call to speak to their camper only in the case of emergency. Campers are seldom near a phone and it is challenging to coordinate calls with camper schedules. In addition, calls from home can cause homesickness in a camper or jealousy among cabin-mates. We highly encourage cheerful cards, letters and emails from family and friends throughout the session. In case of emergency, please call the camp office and we will arrange for a time for your camper to return your call as soon as possible.


Can we send care packages to our camper?
We do not allow campers to receive care packages while at camp. Camp is already full of so many good things, fun friends and engaging activities that care packages often get overlooked by campers. Additionally, receipt of care packages can result in jealousy and anxiety among cabin mates. However, campers still very much enjoy letters and cards from friends and family.

What happens if a camper gets homesick?
The first few days of camp can be an anxious time for any camper. We thoughtfully program these days to develop closeness within cabin groups so children feel safe and a part of the group. If homesickness persists, the counselor and director work together to help the camper work through and overcome this challenge. We may invite parent input to aid in the process. It is our deep desire that the camper stays at camp, experiences success, and develops stronger muscles of resilience and independence for the future.


How do you handle behavioral problems with campers?
Clear expectations and guidelines, positive reinforcement, wholesome role modeling and a cultivated sense of fairness are key components in our effort to maintain a safe and nurturing camp environment. We work hard so that every child will develop greater social skills and succeed at camp. Disrespect, unwholesome, mean or violent behavior, including teasing or harassment of any kind is not tolerated.

If discipline problems arise, we handle each conflict on an individual basis. In most cases, a camper and counselor/director will discuss the inappropriate behavior and logical, relevant consequences may be enforced. Continued misbehavior may result in a camper going home early from camp with no reimbursement. Our PeaceKeeper agreement is part of your final registration package sent prior to your arrival.

How is the food?
Nutritious, kid-friendly food is served at Camp Omagh. Campers love it and often ask for recipes. Our planned mealtimes are: breakfast, lunch, and supper. Afternoon Tuck shop offers a selection of soda pop, juice boxes, chips, freezies, and candy. Milk and cookies are offered in the evening before lights out. This is included in our camp fee.

Can you accommodate special dietary needs?
Campers’ health is a high priority for us at Camp Omagh. We try our best to accommodate basic food allergies and other dietary needs, but we can’t guarantee a nut-free experience. Due to the size of our program and the growing number of special dietary considerations, we may not be able to meet all specialized diets. In cases of complex dietary issues, we ask that a family help coordinate a menu for their child and provide supplementary food items so that our food service staff can continue to do their job efficiently and effectively.


We request that parents/guardians of campers with special dietary needs discuss with us in advance of registration the feasibility of accommodating their needs.

What if my child needs to take vitamins or medication while at camp?
Because we are a small camp, our staff grows to know each of our campers and can meet individual needs well. We have designated caregiving staff assigned each week responsible for administering all camper medications. All medication must be sent to camp in original packaging and in labeled zip closed bags to be turned into camp registrar upon arrival. If you have a special concern about your child’s healthcare needs, please contact our office at (905) 878-9156 or email us at


How will I know if my child gets sick or hurt while at camp?
If your child requires medical care beyond simple first aid, the camp staff will advise you. This includes campers with fevers over 100º F, flu-like symptoms, or recurring headaches and stomach aches.


What are your health and safety practices?
Camp Omagh takes appropriate steps to support health and safety in our camp community. These include but are not limited to:
•    providing live-In cabin counselors
•    providing relevant training/certifications depending on staff role
•    mandatory check-in required for all visitors

•    we have access to Milton District Hospital 15 minutes away, and Children’s Hospital less than an hour away

•    we have a rehearsed Emergency Preparedness Plan

What does a typical day look like at camp?

A typical day at camp may look like this: 
•    Wake up bell
•    Breakfast
•    Cabin clean-up
•    Chapel/devotional time
•    Bible classes
•    activity
•    Lunch
•    Kickback/rest period
•    Tuck
•    Swimming (happens a number of times during day)
•    Supper
•    All-camp game/activity
•    Campfire/milk and cookies
•    Cabin devo time
•    Lights out

How can I become a member of the corporation that oversees Camp Omagh?
Camp Omagh is owned and operated by a not-for-profit corporation, formally called Omagh Bible School. If you are interested in joining the corporation please Contact Us for more information.

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Camp Omagh nurtures growing faith in God, while providing a place to develop friendships and enjoy God’s creation.

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