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Good Times. Good Friends. The Good Book.

We've all dreamed of a summer place where the sun shines brightly. Under the stars, marshmallows roast lightly. Around the campfire our stories we share, as laughter fills the air – where strangers meet and become friends, and friends become family. As we read God's word, sing and pray, all our earthly cares simply disappear.

The Camp Omagh Difference

A Place where FAITH meets FUN!

Join us all summer long!

We offer day camp sessions, youth overnight sessions by age, a session for the whole family, and sessions for adults too!

We also have several FREE family events throughout the year.

Find all the details on our program page.

We Offer Financial Assistance

We want all kids to come to camp and our donors make that possible! If you want to apply for a sponsorship (financial assistance) click the button below to fill out the application form. Once you have applied, we will be in touch and provide further instructions on registration.


(AGES 15+)

(In Training)

At Camp Omagh we are looking for young people like you who have a genuine interest in kids, and in making camp the highlight of the summer for our campers. It is a fun time for all, but bear in mind that as a CIT you are here for the camper; this is not your week of camp!

Experience a week that lasts a lifetime!

There's something to be said about coming to Camp Omagh – to get away from the stress and non-stop distractions of our plugged-in and fast-paced world. Here, a different kind of a camp experience is waiting, a Christian camp, where you can unplug and unwind. Where you can spend one week having the time of your life. Where you can feel "at home" away from home. Where you can grow in character, skills, relationships and faith in God. Can't wait to see you.

Why is Camp Omagh a Safe Place to be?

Our trained staff is there to ensure that your camper has the opportunity to learn about God and have fun making friends and memories to last a lifetime.

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